Hey there and welcome, this is Adam, the designer and creator here at 2A Craft.


2A Craft is a small woodworking shop located in Odessa, MO specializing in functional and durable items for your home and office. I have been a creator for most of my life working with a variety of materials. I start each project from an original design and handcraft it to a beautiful form utilizing quality materials. My goal is to exceed your expectations by creating something you will be proud to showcase in your home or give as a gift.


In an effort to avoid toxic chemicals, I typically use oil and/or wax finishes such as beeswax, carnauba wax, paste wax, mineral oil, tung oil, danish oil, etc. A benefit to these types of finishes are they penetrate into the wood for better protection and can be easily renewed, if needed.  Depending on the application, I will use polyurethane or lacquer if a more robust finish is required. Even then, I try to get these in the non-VOC (Non-Volatile Organic Compound) version if available.


I now invite you to take a peak at the Gallery.  There you will find a small portfolio of previous commissions for inspiration.  Enjoy, and have a wonderful day!